Google nexus 9 tablet price, specification, review, specs and features

The Nexus nine may be a premium mechanical man pill, and it clearly has the iPad in its sights. this suggests it's rather more the successor to the Nexus ten than the 'budget' Nexus seven. Here's our active 1st look into the HTC designed Google Nexus nine. See also: Nexus nine unleash date and value
Google Nexus nine review: style

One of the explanations the Nexus nine is taking the fight to the iPad is that the screen. At 8.9in it's nearly specifically 0.5 manner between the seven.9in iPad mini and nine.7in iPad Air. over that, it's a 4:3 ratio, that deviates from the 16:9 kind issue of previous Nexus tablets. The resolution may sound acquainted too: 2048x1536 pixels equates to an honest 287ppi (that's but the Nexus 7's 323ppi, though). Here's the Nexus nine dwarfing the Nexus 7:

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Nexus nine active 1st look vs Nexus seven
So the image is sharp, and therefore the IPS panel means that viewing associategles square measure nearly as good as an iPad's. colors square measure ever slightly muted, however distinction was sensible in our transient check.

The Nexus nine so sits between the 2 iPads in terms of size. It's marginally thicker than we'd expected at 8mm, however the tapered edges create it feel diluent. In terms of weight, it's lightweight enough to carry well in one hand, however most likely not if you add a case. At 425g it's lighter than associate iPad Air at 478g, however just about lighter than associate Air a pair of. 

Nexus nine active 1st look

The back contains a soft feel, with the nexus brand decorated a bit like on the Nexus five. the rear is wherever you have a selection of colours: black, white or sand presently. On the Black model, the band round the edge is additionally black, however the white and sand models have a silver band.

The power button and volume rocker square measure on the right-hand facet (in portrait mode), with a electro-acoustic transducer port on prime, microUSB on rock bottom. a pleasant bit is front-facing stereo speakers - even as you'd expect from HTC, and they are amazingly loud and clear. clearly there is a lack of bass, except for catch-up TV and YouTube, they are glorious.

There's a new origami-style cowl that has no hinge and is control in situ by magnets. You fold 2 corners in, and so fold the quilt back on itself to create a stand that is control to the rear of the pill by a lot of magnets. we tend to found the 2 positions gave cheap angles for observation videos and table-top use, however there is not any low angle for typewriting. For that, you are comfortable with the new magic keyboard (see way below), that may be a folio-style case with a mechanical keyboard. we tend to tried this out and therefore the keys have little or no travel, however they were with regards to sufficiently big to kind on well. whether or not it's far better than the on-screen keyboard, Swype or voice input is debatable.
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