Google nexus 9 tablet Full review with all features

The Nexus nine can’t hold a candle to the iPad Air two or, for that matter, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S eight.4, Kindle hearth HDX eight.9 or our current favorite robot pill, the Sony Xperia Z2 pill, all of that square measure additional solid-feeling and engaging.

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The only positives square measure that it’s relatively light-weight – actually at 425g it weighs a fraction but the equivalent iPad Air two, and its smaller overall size (it measures 154 x seven.95 x 228mm) suggests that it's attainable for people with massive hands to understand in one mitt. Otherwise it’s somewhat of a disappointment.

Nexus nine review: costs, choices and options

Usually, Nexus devices represent fantastic price for cash, which counteracts any problems arising from slightly inferior build quality and options, and at £319, the Nexus nine actually undercuts the iPad Air two. However, simply being cheaper isn’t ok recently.

At this value, the Nexus nine is in direct competition with the Kindle hearth HDX eight.9 (£319), the Samsung Galaxy S eight.4 (£275), the Sony Xperia Z2 pill (£369) and therefore the original iPad Air (£319), all of which provide additional options, have a additional engaging style, or both.

Nexus nine review

And to feature to its woes, there aren’t that a lot of choices for would-be purchasers. you'll be able to get a 32GB Wi-Fi version for £399 and 32GB 4G version for £459, however that’s your ton. Anyone wanting additional storage goes to be stuck, notably since there’s no microSD slot for enlargement.

Nexus nine review: show

The Nexus 9’s screen makes a rather higher 1st impression. flip the pill on, and you’re greeted by a bright, vibrant, crystal-clear image. It measures 9in across the diagonal, therefore it’s slightly smaller than the iPad Air 2’s show, however with an even resolution of one,536 x 2,048, it narrowly outdoes it for element density, at 284ppi.

We additionally just like the 4:3 ratio this resolution delivers. Normally, the screens on robot tablets square measure 16:9 or 16:10 affairs, that feel a trifle awkward to use in portrait mode. Here, we have a tendency to found ourselves naturally mistreatment the device in portrait orientation. Crucially, it offers you many space to scan most websites at their full breadth while not having to center.

In our technical tests, the numbers look sensible, too. At most brightness, the IPS screen outmatches the iPad Air two, reaching 456cd/m2 on a full white screen (compared with 402cd/m2), and distinction could be a fine one,092:1. color accuracy is incredibly sensible so, with a mean Delta E of one.53 and a most of three.52, and therefore the show is capable of displaying ninety four.9% of the sRGB color gamut.
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