Google nexus 9 tablet price, review, specification and features

The Nexus 9 is Google’s new lead pill, the first to launch with automaton 5.0 Lollipop and thus the first of the Nexus organization to use a 4:3 screen rather than a widescreen one.

People hoping for a pill therewith to change their Nexus seven is additionally slightly pissed off by the worth, though. At £319, it’s not the market-defining discount that the earlier Nexus was.
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Given the restricted issues here and there, it’s not as complete or coherent a tool as a result of the iPad Air 2. There’s atiny low spark of magic missing which implies — at £320 a minimum of — it presumably won’t go down in history as Associate in Nursing one and only  classic.

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However, what’s commendable is that the direction it demonstrates. 8-inch non-widescreen tablets like this could not be ‘non-canon’ third-party oddities, and that’s a awfully good issue. we've an inclination to don’t assume it’ll take the Nexus 9 eighteen month to be flat-top  for worth, and thus the Samsung Galaxy Tab S eight.4 is already a fairly compelling completely different. aside from a much bigger device, the Nexus 9 offers up a solid ‘go-to’ commonplace.

Nexus 9: vogue
The Nexus 9 sets itself up for criticism. Its vogue and type unit of measurement pretty similar to the iPad Air 2, a departure for the Nexus series.

This in itself may be a sensible move. Larger tablets feel lots further natural once they adopt a less-widescreen aspect: every the Nexus seven and Nexus 10 unit of measurement 16:10 quantitative relation, the Nexus 9 is 4:3.
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However, the Nexus 9 doesn’t provide quite as spectacular build quality as Associate in Nursing iPad, and once the design similarities unit of measurement so clear, it’s exhausting to not compare the two directly despite their differing platforms.

You may denote worth distinction (£80), but in addition have confidence that the still-pretty-great first-gen iPad Air costs presently exactly constant amount as a result of the Nexus 9, £319. To explain, let’s look to a small degree nearer at the Nexus 9’s hardware vogue.

Much like the Nexus seven, the Nexus 9 uses a plastic back cowl, one that that’s firmly strapped into a metal frame that runs around the pill. It’s a fairly innocuous vogue, and despite using a very light soft-touch corded finish, it still feels conspicuously like plastic.
Nexus 9 5
We’re in addition slightly pissed off with variety of the finishing components, given what proportion dearer this pill is compared to the Nexus seven. The plastic rear flexes at certain points, even producing a rather off-putting clicking noise towards the very best of the pill, and there’s a roughness to the metal frame as a result of it pokes ever-so-slightly beyond the screen glass.

The volume keys too feel to a small degree cheap , the action slightly misjudged and shallow, even if they are metal. this might be USA just grasping for explanations, but HTC’s relative cognitive content is additionally to blame: it makes the Nexus 9 and hasn’t free a pill since the 2011 HTC Flyer.

While we've no specific worries regarding the longevity of the Nexus 9 – it doesn’t feel poorly created, merely not all that well finished – it looks like slightly of a middleweight rival for what is meant to be the standard-setting automaton pill flagship. We’ll see various components that suffer from this sort of ambiance shortly.

It’s not merely the iPad Air 2 the Nexus 9 should compete with, either. The Nexus 9 is seven.9mm thick and 425g (Wi-Fi), a load heftier than the vi.6mm thick, 294g Samsung Galaxy Tab S eight.4 – the Samsung is smaller, but still Associate in Nursing honest size. The Nexus 9 is arguably merely not leading the pack at intervals the strategy it extraordinarily need to be.
Nexus 9 15
However, fling those comparisons and in real-life use the Nexus 9 is pretty good. The non-widescreen side is good, there’s simply enough facet edge to rest your thumb on, and it’s very cozy to use, significantly if you've every hands spare or unit of measurement sitting down.

Like the iPad Air 2, that would be a somewhat-similar weight, you may use it one-handed for whereas|a short time|a minute|a moment|a short while} while not discomfort, but it’s faraway the feather-lightness of the eight.4-inch Samsung or the iPad mini 2/3 (we counsel the previous, by the way).

Just like the Nexus seven, the Nexus 9 leaves out a microSD card slot. There unit of measurement 16GB and 32GB versions of the pill, with a rather unsatisfying £80 gap between the two. That’s even over Apple charges: you get a raise to the 64GB iPad Air 2 for £80. Who’d have thought Google would charge even over Apple’s sometimes notoriously-pricey upgrades?
Nexus 9
Step back a second, which we'll see the factors behind the Nexus 9’s failing to provide the market-defining package we’re once. It doesn’t provide class-leading worth or class-leading vogue, and doesn’t have all the geek-friendly choices which can excuse these a pair of points.

The hardware specification list is relatively straightforward too. There’s no IR transmitter, as an example – one issue found on the Galaxy Tab S eight.4. If this will be all sounding terribly negative, you would like to understand it in with context of the load of expectation organized  on the Nexus 9. It’s not merely meant to be ‘an’ automaton pill, it’s meant to be ‘the’ automaton pill.

So far: good, not superb.

Google is in addition to provide a Nexus 9 folio keyboard case, that comes with solid keyboard action even if writing on it can feel to a small degree cramped. It’s not cheap  at £110, but bumps up the tablet’s potential as a mobile productivity tool.
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