Google nexus 9 tablet price and features

Zero day half-off sales aside, you are paying a premium worth for the Nexus nine. The 16GB Wifi-only version starts at $399, and as you progress up in storage and property, you may see costs get higher. A 32GB Wifi-only version can set you back $479.00, and a 32GB LTE model are a cool $599.00 once it becomes offered. that is plenty of store cheese for any pill, and a worth purpose that comes as a shock to parents wont to seeing the worth hang on the Nexus seven.

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We're not attending to say it's an excessive amount of, or that the worth is honest within the current market — solely you recognize however you're feeling regarding it. however we will say that it is a ton of cash to pay, and you may need to take care you get one thing that is worthwhile. And that’s why we’re popping out with it. the times of Nexus devices that undercut the competition square measure over, apparently.

Unfortunately, we tend to see variety of quality problems with our units. Some square measure style and construction problems, others is also quality-control problems, however in any case they're there. We'll state them during a moment, 1st let's have a glance at the look itself.

You have a sizeable pill here. it is a smart bit larger than different 7- or 8-inch tablets that robot fans square measure wont to, and nearly as huge because the life-sized 10-inch Nexus pill of yore. The physical dimensions square measure 228.25 metric linear unit on the long aspect, 153.56 metric linear unit on the short aspect, and 7.95 metric linear unit in thickness. it is not unwieldy, and at 425 grams for the wireless local area network version, it is not too significant to carry. It's simply an honest bit larger than the Nexus seven, that is what several people square measure wont to.
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